Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's in your heart

On Saturday my 16 year old niece won her state championship at the 800m distance. I'm so very proud of her I could easily wax on about it but that isn't the focus of this blog post.
The focus is going to be on her description of what was happening inside her during the race, it is inspiring and a simple message.

I am not going to rewrite others work so I will direct quote and link to the articles.
From the Patriot-News
"I had my eyes locked on the first girl and I thought she’s kind of far away so I better make my move," Brown said. "I made my move a lot earlier than I usually do, but at states you have to do that. I came around the 200-meter mark, caught her at the 100. I had to do it and I believed I could do it … and I did."

What a simple message - I had to do it, I believed I could do it.... and I did.
When is the last time you had that thought string?
Personally its been a while for me. I tend to start thinking about why I can't or the factors I need to overcome or can't control.

I had to, I could, I did.
Simple stuff

Another quote from the above article:
"I thought about how my legs were killing me, but it’s what is in your heart that gets you to first, not your legs""

Truer words have never been spoken.
It is what is in your heart that brings you to success.
Remember that when you are struggling to think, "I can"

Thank you my niece for making it all seem so simple, yet glorious.

A few additional quotes from The Sentinel
"I saw it, it was right there in front of me," Brown said. "I told myself, ‘I can get it!'"

"I had to find a little bit extra (within myself) to help me pass (Weisner) and move on," Brown said. "If you put your head to it, your body can perform."