Sunday, December 30, 2012

Resolve to add something this year

Each year at this time my most frequent request from clients and others is the topic of resolutions.
How to make them, how to keep them, who to tell, etc.
This year I starting thinking about resolutions in November. I was looking at all the stuff going on in the world and watching the media focus on food and drink for the holidays and of course the month-long shopping rush that begins around Thanksgiving.  Juxtaposing this eating/drinking/spending with the standard resolutions of losing weight, reducing alcohol consumption, getting finances under control, left me shaking my head.
So I decided to focus on changing the type of resolution rather than rehashing the standard ones.
I propose that this year, when you make your resolution, make it a positive one; one that adds something to your life, rather than focusing on removing something or reducing something.
Here are some of the ideas I had:

Learn a language
Volunteer work
Take a course, learn something
Start a new family tradition (or re-ignite an old one)
Have a reading hour (or half hour) with the whole family
Try new foods (especially healthy foods!)
Reconnect with people you've lost contact with
Re-engage with a passion you've left behind
Pursue a new interest
Set aside time for yourself
Reconnect with your religion or spirituality

I am sure you can think of many more. Once you decide on your resolution I do recommend writing it down and making it SMART.
Time bound

Here's a short piece I did on the local news the other day. (Three days post flu!)