Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Farewell 2013, hello 2014

First off, I confess to being one of the most boring people you could meet.
I am not a party-er or dare devil.
When I drink alcohol I get horribly sleepy.
And as an early riser it takes a really good football or basketball game to keep me awake late at night.
Bottom line? I am not "a blast" on New Year's Eve.
Besides for some reason I spend more time reflecting on the year gone by than on the year ahead.
So, 2013.
Like every year, it was an interesting one.
Personally I had a roller coaster year. I was in a low as a professional, business was flat, I am too darn honest to 'sell' myself, so I mired in a funk, doing all that presented itself with my absolute most. Upset that we live in a world in which BS is so highly valued, I wasn't really sure of my next move.
And then out of the blue an opportunity arose, with minor trepidation I jumped on it.
Life from that point - August 14, 2013- has been a blur.
I jumped into a firestorm.
Four and a half months later it is still raging and I am still working ridiculous hours on major projects.
It has fascinated me that I am physically tired but I am not stressed or 'freaking' out, it is as if someone has thrown down a challenge and I am thrilled to accept it.
Bring it on baby, I've got this!
I am energized and excited. And tired :)
I can't say how long I can do this at this pace or how long they will keep me, but it has been a great experience & opportunity both professionally & financially.
2013 has been a difficult year for my boy, this time last year I felt hopeless about his front leg injury. 
It got worse. When in a fit of happiness he went three-legged and I learned later he had snapped a piece if his elbow off.
And then even worse, with a failed surgery and complications.
And then we found a surgeon who listened and did what he could to help him.
Rehab went well, but then he didn't get any better.
I cried. I must say, more than once.
We were told to have him swim.
I religiously took him to the lake and he swam next to my kayak.
At first he was one of the most awkward swimmers you could imagine.
He got better & better, and stronger & stronger.
He loved it in a way that filled my heart.
My elbows however both developed tendinitis but we kept going.
He swam over a mile and a half but he couldn't comfortably walk two miles.
I was at a loss.
Eventually I took him to a rehab specialist and she gave me news that hit me hard. He was in constant pain & was physically compromised. 
I cried.
Sigh. I felt distraught. I have done all that I could for all his life to keep him healthy and had failed. 
This crazy, hyper, lovable beast needs to run and be active or his brain explodes. Now what?
So we started some new treatments.
I think they help but his behavior will never say. He is happy. He is always happy.
He isn't pleased with my work schedule but golly he is happy when I get home.
I mean REAL happy.
2013 had some significant lows and some highs.  I can say that I am riding a high as it comes to a close. Nothing super exciting happened but nothing tragic either. Thinking about January 2013 and December 2013 I assure you the latter is a better place.
So here we are heading into 2014 & Bugsy is still kind of gimpy, some days he's real gimpy but otherwise he is healthy. For that I am very grateful.
I have my health, as does my husband and all my family members.
I even have a beautiful new granddaughter to go with three fabulous grandsons.
I mostly love where I live, I have few worries heading into 2014, I haven't said that moving into most new years.
I have a few things on my wish lost for 2014 and I intend to be a more generous person this year.  If I could fulfill a dream it would be to be a philanthropist, lol, an itty bitty one but you get the idea.
I hope to have the energy and vision to actively make the world a little bit better for some.
I am thankful that my personal needs are modest and that instead of 'rewarding' myself for hard work I would rather help the less fortunate, human & canine.
Well I have rambled on long enough.
A huge thanks to all the friends & family in my life - I am blessed and I know it.
Raise your glass, be it filled with water, milk, champagne or koolaid and toast to a new year.
We each have a blank slate starting tomorrow, make the most of it. 
You are responsible for making your life what you want, don't look to others, grab the reins and enjoy the ride!
Happy New Year!