Friday, June 3, 2011

Race for a Cure 2011

In one week I will be competing (more like completing) my third Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure 5k.
I've written about this race before in other blogs but I'll iterate here saying, it is far and away the most awesome 5k you could ever enter.
It is tremendously powerful to line up with so many others whose lives have been impacted by cancer; everyone is there because someone they love has been affected.
You can feel the emotional power of the crowds.
The race is superbly organized, incredibly well funded by sponsors and of course the attendance is beyond words. Add in the community support, the people that line the streets and spray the hoses and hold signs and cheer you on. It is all just...something.
It is beyond words for me.

Each year I cry at some point. Or several.
I cry for my personal losses to cancer, some as recent as September 2010.
I cry because so many are crying and there because of their personal losses.
Children running for their mom, who is gone.
And I cry because I am overwhelmed by the community that turns out and pulls together on this always steamy, hot morning in June.
From the survivors, runners, media, course attendees, sponsors, musicians, Meredith College, City of Raleigh, bus companies and the volunteers that drive the shuttles and every heart, hand and soul that does something to make this race what it is, there is a unified spirit.
We are all here to support finding a cure for cancer. We are all here because we hate cancer.

So even though my time will be worse than last year because my fitness isn't as good, I will run and no doubt walk a bit, but I will run.

I will sprint to the finish to honor all those who have battled cancer, surely my burning chest and heavy legs are no match for the fight they put up.

And I will cry when I finish and look at all the survivors wearing their pink tee shirts.

And I will cry when I see handicapped individuals being pushed in wheelchairs, handicapped individuals on their own, children, elderly and everyone in between, all crossing the finish line in however long it takes on this steamy June morning.

Everyone that is there on Saturday June 11th is a hero.

PS it is not too late to sign up, sponsor me, sponsor someone else, turn up to cheer others on. I do think you will never forget or regret being involved in this event.